Software and hardware hackers building devices and systems for data harvesting and intelligence.


Fullstack software engineering

Security aware true full-stack development ranging from kernel to backend and frontend


Software and hardware engineering of embedded systems


Open source intelligence using open (and proprietary) API's and services

GIS/Data visualization

Geospatial and temporal data visualization


Analysis and processing of sensor-, camera-, radio- and network data

Closed source software and hardware modding

Remove, modify or add functionality to existing apps and devices

Blue & red team security

White- and blackbox-testing, review and hardening. Reverse engineering


We research, prototype and develop devices and systems for data harvesting and intelligence extraction through analysis and visualization. We all have a long career in software engineering, network and information security.

Our main office is in Stockholm but most of us work from home and are spread all over Sweden.


We are currently looking for skilled freelance software engineers to join our team.

You probably have 10+ years of experience, prefers Linux, have a few hobby projects going and speak Go / Typescript / C / C++ / Java / Rust / Python fluently.

Contact (Swedish/English)

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